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My initial tumblr post/awkward telling of my life story

I’ve wanted to start writing text posts for a while now, but never did because of school work (or whatever), and also because a nasty 8th grade english teacher convinced me that I wasn’t a “good writer”

fuck that 

So now I have something to write about, which is so hard for me to think of, which is also ironic because I never have the same difficulty when it comes to talking. So before I start with the main point, here’s some background.

I had your standard run-of-the-mill fucked up catholic school upbringing. The school district in my area was not the best, so my strong-willed single mother sent her ethnically ambiguous United Methodist second grader into the shark tank filled with holy water.

I don’t really remember that much from the first year. I remember the aroma of glue and gram crackers in our class room, and how mean the girls were, and how cute the boy with the hot 2002 gelled hair was, but I digress. 

I do remember how it was the foundation of my fucked up relationship with Catholicism, because I never felt welcomed or accepted. I watched everyone practice for communion, and I thought why not me? I’m learning the same things, and I pray every day, so what makes me so different?

The rest of the years rolled on and the girls were always mean. I converted in 7th grade, and finally felt some sense of belonging and a lower tuition rate. 

Tradition with a capital T. 

The catholic high school I went to was kinda like communist Russia. You didn’t wear the uniform, the uniform wore you. You didn’t get detention, detention got you. 

We also had really cute shit-stomping uniform shoes. 

Through high school I actually seldom thought about any type of God. At that time he wasn’t the worst of my problems because it was high school where everything else was a problem. Until senior year.

I had a brain-dead sheep of a religion teacher. I shouldn’t be so harsh, but there are no other words for her lackadaisical approach to pursuing knowledge though any other means than what she was born into.  

Anyways, the point is that she had us LITERALLY watch this documentary starring Ben Stein from the eye drop commercials. It was complete propaganda on how evolution isn’t real or some “Christians-are-so-persecuted” type bullshit. 

It made me mad

it made me think

So my oldest uncle gave my a Richard Dawkins book (The God Delusion). We usually talk about school-esc things, like history and archaeology, and, at the time, we started in on religion. 

So I decided to be an atheist. I subscribed to a bunch of really interesting youtubers that talked about the subject, and it was my “thing” for quite some time. 

and then…I came to college

to be continued some other time when it’s not 12 at night and i don’t have the urge to binge watch a shit ton of adventure time bye 

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cant wait for macklemore to evolve into his final form, macklemost

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